Interface SpellerLoader

public interface SpellerLoader

Class used to load the spell checker. EditLive! will call the load(Collection) method on a background thread, so this class can block while loading classes or downloading resources as necessary.


Method Summary
 SpellChecker load(Collection<String> customDictionaryWords)
          Synchronously loads the SpellChecker.

Method Detail


SpellChecker load(Collection<String> customDictionaryWords)
                  throws SpellerLoaderException
Synchronously loads the SpellChecker. EditLive! handles calling this on a background thread, so blocking here will not cause the editor to freeze.

customDictionaryWords - List of words in the user's custom dictionary at the time this function is called. These words are intended for use as suggestions. This list should not be retained; it is not mutated by EditLive!, new custom word notifications are sent through SpellChecker.addWord(String).
Instance of SpellChecker that is ready to be used by EditLive!
SpellerLoaderException - if loading failed for any reason. Returning null on failure is not recommended, as an error allows for meaningful log messages in the debug log.

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